Earthlab33 is a cultural center, based in an Earthship eco-community near Taos, New Mexico.  EarthLab33 has been established as an observation post at a crossroads, where we have taken a deliberate step in a new direction, based on what we have ascertained from globally available information, and our own life experiences.  The intention is to wake up every day, knowing that furthering our progress down this road is about continuing to learn and inform ourselves and others through what is daily available through observation.  We focus on:

1. “Sustainable” living by conservation and intelligent use of energy.

2. Sustaining health by organized efforts in

    a. Physical, human movement work and education.

    b. Food for the body and the mind.

    c. Creative endeavors.

3. Economics of living toward energy independence,  eco-interdependence, or green living, hopefully climate-change remediation.

4. Intercultural and/or business exchange via Internet or in-person presentations and art events.

In this approach, we seek partnerships and direct exchanges with individuals and organizations to open and invigorate the dialectic in the interest of developing and refining these aims, while intentionally eschewing the “echo-chamber” effect, that is, by inviting all relevant dialog and monitoring its effects.  We will publish as we feel it meets the criteria of our purpose.