EL33PC10 – Gioele Pagliaccia

Gioele Pagliaccia lives in Northern Italy and is an musician I met in the San Francisco area about 14 years ago. We spoke today about the Covid-19 situation in Italy, and how it’s affecting creative workers and musicians in Europe, and elsewhere, how we’re coping with this changes, creative efforts in general, various people in show business in Europe, and how me might deal with the future. Gioele is a very adept drummer who has worked with many bands, particularly with Joe Lally (Fugazi, The Messthetics, Coriky), Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, Dave Stone among others. His website is http://gioelepagliaccia.com

EL33PC106 Ivan Klipstein

Ivan Klipstein is an old friend of mine who has been a devoted visual artist and musician/composer for as long as he’s been alive, apparently. He has lived and performed nationally and internationally, released no less than 3 LPs and a multitude of EPs, and published his cartoon and artwork in countless publications. We talked today about the creative climate in the USA, the racial tensions which pervade the social dialectic, creative process, being an artist during the pandemic, and personal reminiscing. His efforts can be found here: https://ivanklipstein.bandcamp.com/ 


EL33PC105 Diana Garcia

Diana is a movement artist and teacher who lives in Seattle, WA. Her involvement in the Butoh community in Seattle brought us together in 2006, and we performed in about 100 shows together, once a week with the guitar ensemble called “Tuning the Air.” Her work entails esperiential workshops, performances and teaching and her site is https://onixbloom.com. We discuss creative process during these trippiest of times.

EL33PC104 Dr. Allan Lindh

Today I talked with my friend, Dr. Allan Lindh, who spent much of his career as a seisomolgist for the USGS. Now retired, one of his interests is applying earthquake prediction algorithms to the probability that a nuclear war will occur on earth. We discuss the paper he is writing on the topic, and the components of prediction, and what might be done on a personal level to avert this potentially earth-cancelling event.

EL33PC103 Isabelle Jenniches

I met with Isabelle Jenniches, Outreach Coordinator of The NM Healthy Soil Working Group, and we discussed various aspects of sustainable farming practices, regenerative farming, indigenous farming techniques and how they continue to inform local farming operations in New Mexico, and a variety of other soil and agricultural considerations.

Isabelle is a skilled community organizer who draws from her experience in policy-making and farmer-to-farmer education. An accomplished artist with a background in theater and design, she acts as the NM Healthy Soil Working Group webmaster and outreach coordinator.

EL33PC101 Nadine Lollino

Nadine Lollino is a yoga teacher, dance teacher, multimedia performance artist, costume designer and massage therapist. Her work focuses on somatic learning and reclaiming the sensation of movement and consciousness of the body as a way of being in the world. She lives at EarthLab33 and conducts the work of her MovementLab yoga and dance education efforts from there in Taos, New Mexico. More info: https://yoga.movementlab.dance

EL33PC100 Colonel Norman S. Drake, USAF

The first podcast I did was at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where my grandfather had been working before he retired, as Chief of Staff.  I had just returned from my first visit to Russia, and it was still the USSR at that time.  My grandpa had been an engineer on the F-12/A-12, which was a closely related plane to the SR-71 during his career in the 1960’s, and had a hand in bringing this SR-71 to the Armament Museum at Eglin.  I took the opportunity to talk with him about it, with a terrible video camera, and a lot of wind obscuring his voice.  But here you have it; an influential aspect of how EarthLab33 came to be, if you can imagine that.