Trey Intro

Trey Donovan Drake - Introduction

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Recent Projects


This website.  This is an ongoing project in eco-housing, distributed reporting systems, Internet of Things aimed at climate change-oriented research, building automation, based in an Earthship in Taos County, New Mexico.


Dance, Yoga, somatic training school with virtual classes, live dance and yoga classes, art projects, and performances.

Mind in Motion, Inc.

Training of Feldenkrais Method practitioners worldwide.

Online Feldenkrais graduate programs.

I’ve been developing MIMO’s sites for about 6 years, along with the distance-learning framework, Infusionsoft programming, and sales campaigns.

Luma Yoga

Luma Yoga was a beautiful yoga school in Santa Cruz, CA for seven years.  They developed an online yoga school with my help during the COVID pandemic, however they were another of many yoga schools that didn’t make it through the covid restrictions, unfortunately. 

Pono Hawaiian Kitchen and Tap

Working with the owner and Graphic Regime, in Santa Cruz, CA I built Pono’s new site for their second location from the graphic design models, and am hosting it on my server.

Recent Works in the World


Trey is both super responsive and very competent, a combination that is rare in he world of web work and IT. I’m reasonably technical, but Trey has instantly solved problems that completely stumped me. 

Sage Lee

The School for Wizards

Trey approaches websites with a certain calm confidence that I appreciate as a graphic designer, working with him to develop site designs. I have the ultimate confidence in his work. His skill set is much deeper than web development alone and he has the client in mind at all times, making smart decisions in hosting, coding, and longevity of his work. We've created several client sites together ranging from Pono Hawaiian Kitchen & Tap to Schwager Davis Construction and Trey's ability to make things function properly to match the visual goal across mobile devices and platforms is amazing. He's also a pretty cool person with some fun outdoor adventures under his belt away from the computer. 

Chris Mark

Graphic Regime

I have worked with Trey on my websites for over 25 years! He has done a fantastic job and served me well so I was also able to adjust to the new systems, styles, formats and technology. Trey knows his stuff and has been able to manage every request I have made of him. That's why we have been able to work together for two and a half decades!!! 

Barry Green

The Inner Game of Music

I’ve known Trey a lot of years and witnessed the evolution of this work.

Missy Singer Dumars

Spirit Biz People & Crown Hill Farm